Crypto / Blockchain FAQ

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    • Is Will Wright making an NFT game?
      Proxi is a game that explores how our memories inform who we are. Players can use various assets (objects, sounds, backgrounds, etc) along with words, or concepts, to create little scenes representing their memories. These assets are fundamentally NFTs on a blockchain which means they carry value, and they are forever attributed to their original creator. Unlike current NFT speculative marketplaces, our assets are designed to give ownership to owners and creators. They are built on the blockchain, and they may have future value, but they are designed to support the gameplay of a creative player community.

    • Is Gallium a cryptocurrency?
      No. Gallium is not its own cryptocurrency, nor can you sell your Gallium; it is purely an in-game currency. However, you can sell items you purchased with your Gallium, or items you created and minted (which requires Gallium) once the in-game marketplace is available.

    • Who is Forte? What is the connection between Gallium Studios and Forte?
      Forte is our trusted platform partner that manages the underlying blockchain technology for our game. The Forte Exchange will enable players to purchase Gallium directly for USD if they choose to. Forte also handles all outside financial transactions.

    • Can I play this game without getting involved in crypto stuff?
      Yes. Crypto applications use ‘Wallets’ which is the way that the blockchain applications securely keep track of who owns what. So, because Gallium, is on a blockchain we use Wallets. However, our game does not require players to participate in crypto currency markets.

    • I've read that some game assets are NFTs, on a blockchain, and carry value. Will I be able to buy, sell, trade, gift inside the game?
      Yes. Proxi utilizes blockchain technology to give players proof of verified ownership and transaction history, and for creator attribution - simply put, this means more control for players and creators over the things they buy or make! There are plans for an in-game marketplace to enable players to buy and sell, and allow artists to list and sell their own creations. There are no current plans for exchange of these assets to real currency

    • Will Proxi support outside, secondary marketplaces?
      No. Please be aware that any Proxi items bought or sold outside of our in-game marketplace are outside of our control and can potentially be a high risk for fraud or scams.

    • Will I be able to exchange my Gallium currency for real money?
      Not at this time.

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    Do you have any plans to exchange calcium for real currency later? Or is the possibility 0%?