Creator's FAQ

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    Creator Frequently Asked Questions

    • Can I talk about my role in the Proxi Creator Community?
      Absolutely! Check out the following guidelines here for more details.

    • What types of content can I create?
      Decorators, Grounds, 360 Backgrounds, Effects, Audio, (Future content - Biome Generators, World Objects
      The Proxi Creator Tools support 3D, 2D, and Audio assets. The content you create can support a variety of Inventory Types in different game modes. The challenge level of building these creations will vary from beginner to advanced.

    • Will I be paid for the assets I create?
      All creators will be able to sell their assets on the in-game marketplace and earn in-game currency. We believe all creators should be rewarded for their work, and we’re pursuing an industry-wide standard of allowing creators to take their assets from one game to another. We’ll have more details to share on this as we continue development.

    • I am concerned that you are hoping to use creators as an unpaid source of game assets. Please explain...
      The idea is for Proxi to provide a platform for creators to make things that the community wants to use. We as a company can't possibly make all the thousands of things everyone will think of to create memories. So, instead of us charging for the game, our decision was to enable creators with tools and a marketplace and get out of the way. The creators determine what to make, what to sell, and the price. To support the game, and to continually upgrade our tools, creators will be charged a small market fee to make and sell their products. But, like everything else, we’ll be as open about our policies as possible.

    • How do I “own” my content?
      We value the spirit of creative expression and we want to let you know that we will not own the rights to your creations - ever. You will have full ownership of your stuff!

    • Does Gallium plan to sell my content for profit?
      We’re planning to sell optional content packs that can include community-created content, but we will never include a creator’s work in these packs without their permission.

    • What does it mean to “Mint” an asset?
      Minting an asset generates copies of an asset blueprint, allowing the creator to sell it on the marketplace for in-game currency.

    • Can I give away my assets for free?
      It will cost in-game currency to mint, trade, or place an asset on the marketplace - but you will be able to adjust the in-game price.

    • Can I create content using copyrighted material?
      All asset submissions will be moderated, and unfortunately any copyrighted or NSFW material will be rejected.

    • How is content reviewed/approved?
      Once your Blueprint has successfully been sent to the portal, it will be placed in the Moderation Queue, where it will be carefully inspected by our ‘Memory Moderation Squad’.

    • What type of content is inappropriate/against the rules?
      Generally any clearly NSFW or copyrighted material will be rejected. For more detail, check out our full Content Guidelines.Can I talk about my role in the Proxi Creator Community?
      Absolutely! Check out the following guidelines here for more details.