Founder's Presale

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    • Are the assets in the Pre-Sale NFTs?
      These are NFTs with no current real-world value.

    • Do I need a Cryptocurrency Wallet to buy these assets?

    • Where can I use these assets?
      You’ll be able to use all of these assets to make memories when the game is released. To follow our progress, we encourage you to visit our website & Discord. The "Memory Maker" will be the first stage, and is coming soon!

    • What kind of game is it, is it a simulation?
      Yes. Like all of Will’s games, Proxi is a simulation. The Sim’s inspiration was a Doll House, Sim City was a train set, Proxi is the brain - more specifically how the brain stores memories. The actual game simulation looks like a rather unique world-building game. For more game-specific information, please view the Proxi Game FAQ here.

    • What can I do with the assets in this pack?
      When the Proxi game launches, these, and many other assets, will be used by players to build their memories. Our in-game marketplace will allow you to collect, sell, and trade them.

    • Are these assets special or limited edition in some way? Can I sell them?
      All assets in proxi are unique in that players own them. They are all built on the blockchain - which simply means that you have full control. You can use them, trade or sell them in our in-game marketplace.
      We will have an in-game marketplace where assets can be bought and sold using our in-game currency “Gallium”.

    • What does "First Edition" mean?
      150 different decorator objects have been created by artists at Gallium Studios specifically for this first offering. These objects will carry a tag identifying them as the "First Edition" of this object set. When the Proxi game launches, these, and many other assets, will be used by players to build their memories.

    • What is VIP access? Does VIP access matter after the game launches?
      As a Proxi Founder, our goal is to provide you with priority access to the entire development process. That means early previews of work-in-progress versions of Proxi, insider access to the development team at Gallium Studios, and much, much more.
      In addition to the planned benefits listed as part of the Founder’s Pack, we’ll continue to expand the Founder role to include additional perks throughout Proxi’s development and release.

    • If I am a supporter, but not a founder, what privileges do I get, if any?
      Whether you choose to become a Founder or a Supporter, we want to ensure that we recognize your contribution to Proxi’s development.
      Supporters will receive a unique “Supporter” badge to display on their Profile throughout the Proxi community - including the official Proxi Forums, Development Portal, and Discord. Additionally, this badge will be made visible within the Proxi as part of a later release, and we’ll include a special “Supporter” section within Proxi’s credits.

    • Can I buy both packs? Can I buy multiple packs?
      This Sale allows for the purchase one of each pack. If you purchase both, you'll gain access to all Founder's benefits, as well as the Supporter badge.

    • If I pre-register, will I be assured of a pack before they sell out?
      Our first sale will be open for a limited window, from 8 AM PST - 8 PM PST, but we’ll do our best to ensure that all users who pre-register are given an opportunity to participate.
      Once the pre-sale has concluded, we’ll follow up with additional details - including a timeframe for future pre-sale opportunities, as well as next steps for those who pre-registered but missed the first pre-sale window.

    • Can I still participate in the pre-sale if I don't pre-register?
      Absolutely - but we recommend completing the pre-registration process to ensure that your accounts are correctly created and linked to avoid potential hiccups during the sale itself.

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    I ordered 20,002.00 gallium and am expecting to get some sort of founder's pack(s) from this.
    I bought $200 worth because I'd like for my kids to also have founder's packs. Please advise.