My feedback for the Proxi client (Mac OS)

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    Proxi feedback (Mac OS)


    I saved the stacktrace for each bug to a file. If you want them, send me a PM.

    Assets not loading

    One of my assets did not load. It was the “Cat” decoration. It kept showing the placeholder and never the actual asset.

    If I try to click the asset anyway, an “AssetNotFoundException” is thrown.

    Assets loading, but not causing errors

    Sometimes, even if assets have loaded, clicking them cause a System.AggregateException to be thrown. The model is still shown afterwards though, and the client keeps functioning as normal.

    Logging in crashes the client

    Sometimes when trying to login, an “System.Exception: ConnectReady Timed Out” error is thrown and the client crashes. This happens during the loading when it says something like “Connecting to AtomicNet''.

    Strangely, the next time I opened Proxi, I was logged in. So the login was successful, but something else caused a crash.

    UI improvements

    • Make input fields tabbable (login screen)